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Vision for Industry Communications and Services

Welcome to the VISICS website. VISICS is part of the center for Processing Speech and Images (PSI) within the KU Leuven. VISICS stands for VISion in Industry, Communications, and Services.

We are a research group working in the area of computer vision, i.e. trying to get computers to understand what is the content of images, and to extract useful information from them like speeds of motions or the 3D structure of scenes.

The name is broad, as are the scope of our activities. Summarising, we focus on 3 subareas of computer vision:

  • 3D acquisition and modeling
  • Tracking and gesture analysis
  • Object recognition

There also is an important focus on the integration of these 3 fields.

Our research is mainly funded through Flemish projects, European projects, and projects with industry. We also have created several spin-offs, with which we regularly collaborate: Eyetronics, GeoAutomation, and eSaturnus.