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Stadius Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics

STADIUS is headed by Prof. Marc Moonen
Academic Staff: Prof. Jan Aerts , Prof. Alexander Bertrand , Prof. Jos De Brabanter , Prof. Lieven De Lathauwer , Prof. Bart De Moor , Prof. Luc Geurts , Prof. Marc Moonen , Prof. Yves Moreau , Prof. Panagiotis Patrinos , Prof. Johan Suykens , Prof. Sabine Van Huffel , Prof. Toon van Waterschoot and Prof. Bart Vanrumste

STADIUS's major research objective is to contribute to the development of improved digital (control and signal processing) systems, that incorporate advanced mathematical modeling techniques as a crucial new ingredient.

To achieve this goal, a variety of research activities are set up, ranging from fundamental/theoretical work (signal theory, linear and nonlinear systems - including complex systems and neural networks - theory, circuit theory and control theory), to applications driven algorithm design and implementation.

STADIUS draws concepts from mathematical fields such as linear and multi-linear algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, differential geometry, optimization, etc. Its strategic basic research is focused on generic translations of basic concepts into algorithmic implementations, focusing on numerical linear algebra issues as well as software and hardware implementation issues. Our ultimate goal is to prove that such mathematical modeling based algorithms provide significant performance improvement.

To this aim, three specific application fields are targetted, namely digital communications, biomedicine and modeling and control of industrial processes and mechatronic products.
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Joos Vandewalle is nieuwe voorzitter KVAB

09 October 2016

Op 5 oktober 2016 heeft de Algemene Vergadering van de Academie KVAB Joos Vandewalle verkozen tot voorzitter van de KVAB.

Speech Enhancement in Real Life

07 October 2016

In this video footage, we aim at presenting our real-time implementation results carried out at KU Leuven-ESAT-STADIUS and provide an evaluation test bed through which users can assess the merits of our recently-proposed algorithms for speech enhancement for distributed speech enhancement with multiple microphone arrays in a realistic environment.

Put on your headphones while watching!

To know more about this research visit the page of Amin Hassani or write him an email

BB2 in Action

30 September 2016

BB2 is a two-wheel balancing robot designed for facilitating the teaching and learning of state feedback controllers.

BB2 is an example of what can be done when we combine mechanical design, electronics, programming, wireless communication, mathematical modelling and Kalman filtering with the power of control theory!

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‘A Truly Golden Handbook’

26 September 2016

Bart De Moor and Yves Moreau contributing to a book: "A Truly Golden Handbook The Scholarly Quest for Utopia" to be released end of September 2016.

What would the ideal society of the future look like? In 1516, the eminent English humanist Thomas More tried his hand at imagining a perfect society on a distant island. His Utopia was published in the Flemish town of Leuven, home of a university that was established almost a century earlier. 500 years later, scholars of this university revisit More’s best-known work and reflect on the ideal society of the future, using the scientific insights of today, including perspectives which More could never have imagined.

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