Dave Singelée


Wireless Security

Supporting security and privacy are essential in wireless communication systems. Without the necessary cryptographic countermeasures, wireless communications are easy to intercept and modify, and the end-user’s privacy can be compromised. In my research, I focus on security and privacy solutions for wireless networks. More in particular, my research expertise covers cryptographic protocols for IoT (Internet of Things) and wireless pervasive systems. This includes various wireless communication standards: Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, SigFox, 6LowPAN, RFID, 4G and beyond, etc. Also the security aspects of new and emerging technologies and concepts, such as SDN (software-defined networking) and CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) fall within my research fields of interest.

My main research interests are:

  • Authentication protocols
  • Distance bounding protocols: design and implementation
  • Pairing protocols
  • Key management in wireless networks
  • Location Privacy
  • Secure localization techniques
  • Security of active medical implants
  • IoT security
  • Cryptographic protocol design
  • Applied cryptography
  • Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)
  • Sensor networks

Since October 2012, I work as an IOF research manager within COSIC. Therefore, my main task is to coordinate and stimulate collaboration between COSIC and industry: this includes (applied) research projects, bilateral contracts, licenses, spin-offs, etc. Moreover, I’m also involved in outlining and implementing the research strategy, coordinating innovation and technology transfer, and participating in valorisation and dissemination activities.

In charge of

Research Manager (IOF)
Project coordination/management
MobiSec coordinator (mobile and wireless security, applied cryptography)
Technology transfer
Valorisation and dissemination activities


For more than 10 years, I have consultancy, project management and research experience in various national and international research projects related to ICT security and cryptography. These includes, among others: SBO, ICON, EU FP7, EU H2020 projects.


  • Born in Borgerhout (nearby Antwerp) at 20/04/1979.
  • Graduated as a Master in Electrical Engineering (Multimedia en signaalverwerking) at the KU Leuven in 2002. The subject of my master thesis was “safe electronic signatures using mobile agents on non-trusted platforms”.
  • Joined COSIC in 2002.
  • Obtained a PhD at the KU Leuven in 2008. The title of my PhD dissertation was “Study and Design of a Security Architecture for Wireless Personal Area Networks”
  • IT-consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium in the area of Information Protection (January – June 2009)
  • Post-doctoral researcher at COSIC from July 2009 onwards.
  • IOF research manager since October 2012.


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