Tomer Ashur


  • Cryptanalysis of symmetric-key primitive
  • Developing new statistical attacks
  • Design and cryptanalysis of algebraic ciphers
  • Garbled circuits

I understand systems. Then I break them.

A round of the Rescue-Prime hash function. The round consists of two steps and operates over a vector size of size m (in this figure, m equals 3). The first step raises each element of the state to to the power alpha then multiply the state by an MDS matrix. In the second step each element is raised to the power one over alpha, then multiplied by an MDS matrix.


  1. A new framework for garbled circuits (
  2. Marvellous ciphers (


I was born in 1983 and things mostly improved since. My father told me to find a work with job security I entered infosec.

Latest work

  1. Improved Rotational-XOR Cryptanalysis of Simon-like Block Ciphers (
  2. Structural and Statistical Analysis of Multidimensional Linear Approximations of Random Functions and Permutations (
  3. Analysis and Recommendations for MAC and Key Lengths in Delayed Disclosure GNSS Authentication Protocols (
  4. Chghari – an FHE -friendly cipher of the Marvellous cryptoverse