Wouter Castryck


My interests lie in the domains of algebraic geometry and number theory, and applications of these to cryptography. More specific keywords:

  • Algebraic curves.
  • Curve-based cryptography (discrete-log based or isogeny-based).
  • Lattice-based cryptography (learning with errors and applications to fully homomorphic encryption).
  • Toric geometry and the combinatorics of lattice polytopes.


  • Born in Poperinge (Belgium), 1980.
  • High school degree at Sint-Jozefsinstituut Torhout (Belgium), 1998.
  • Licentiate in Mathematics at KU Leuven, 2002.
  • PhD in Mathematics at KU Leuven, 2006.
  • Postdoc at ESAT/COSIC, KU Leuven, 2007-2008.
  • Postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, KU Leuven, 2008-2014.
  • Postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, University of Ghent, 2014-2016 (part-time as of 2015).
  • Postdoc at the Laboratoire Painlevé, Université de Lille-1, 2016-2017 (part-time).
  • Habilitation at Université de Lille-1, 2017.
  • Postdoc at ESAT/COSIC, KU Leuven, as of 2015 (part-time until 2017).