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HVDC grid test system for EMT studies


This page describes the four-bus HVDC grid test system and provides the associated PSCAD simulation files. The four-bus HVDC grid test system can be used as standard test system for HVDC power system studies in EMT-type software. The PSCAD simulation files contain a pre-made HVDC grid with 4 converters, connected by a meshed DC grid with five cables. The size of the HVDC grid allows to run the model also in the educational version.

A control and protection system for the HVDC grid is implemented, but can be easily modified. A full description of parameters and model components is given in this paper.

Running a simulation

The PSCAD files can directly be used to run a simulation for the test cases provided in the reference paper. First load the workspace "HVDCGridTestSystemWS.pscwx". Then a simulation can be run in the case "HVDCGridTestSystem.pscx". The initialization of a simulation takes about 700 ms, due to locking of the converter total submodule capacitor voltages to 640 kV during 500 ms (needed to ensure a stable starting operation point).


The PSCAD files are free for use under following restrictions:

  • if the PSCAD files or models derived from the PSCAD files are used in publications for research, references to following work should be made
    • W. Leterme, N. Ahmed, J. Beerten, L. Ängquist, D. Van Hertem, and S. Norrga, “A new HVDC grid test system for HVDC grid dynamics and protection studies in EMT-type software,” in Proc. IET ACDC 2015, Birmingham, UK, Feb., 10-12 2015, 7 pages
  • use of the files for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited
  • the files may not be redistributed without prior written permission
  • modified versions of the PSCAD files, or works derived from the PSCAD files, may not be distributed without prior written permission


The PSCAD files are available for download via this link.


- (29/10/2015) Replaced DC buses by wires for compatibility with PSCAD V4.6


The HVDC grid test system has been realised in a co-operation between the research groups Electrical Energy Conversion (E2C) at KTH and Electa at KU Leuven.

Contact: Willem Leterme