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Master of Electrical Engineering

The Master of Electrical Engineering programme is a comprehensive course of study providing graduate students with the foundational knowledge needed to pioneer the next generation of networked, integrated systems. Students from around the world are drawn to the programme’s excellent faculty, comprehensive curriculum, stimulating learning environment and state of the art research facilities. This close link between education and research exposes students to challenging and ground-breaking topics during their coursework and Master's thesis research. The next generation of ICT infrastructures will undoubtedly be built on complex integrated systems. These systems will depend on miniature devices omnipresent in the digital environment: complex servers, routers and complete computing farms communicating over both wired and wireless networks. The applications executed by these systems will be rich in multimedia content and will require system-wide security and privacy features. Our goal is to equip students with the necessary technical skills and methods to contribute to the creation of this and other future ICT infrastructures.


ESAT makes E-FAB, an infrastructure to mill a PCB yourself, available to students and the general public.

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