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Welcome to Micro- and Nanosystems

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Welcome to Micro- and Nanosystems - MNS.

MNS is a new ESAT Research Division, founded in September 2020. It currently comprises three professors, 35 PhD researchers, postdocs, technicians and visiting researchers from 14 different countries and is headed by Prof. Michael Kraft.

MNS is a dynamic, thriving and interdisciplinary research group and works on a wide portfolio of research projects, including high-precision physical microsensors, resonant based sensors, bio-medical and bio-chemical sensors, neuro-probes, energy harvesting, micromachined ultrasound transducers and interface circuits for micro-devices.

MNS runs a well-equipped cleanroom for micro- and nanoscale fabrication as part of the KU Leuven Nanocenter. This interdisciplinary laboratory has more than 130 active users working on about 100 research projects.  

Information about our activities, projects, laboratories and - most importantly - the people of MNS can be found on our webpages - feel free to explore and visit frequently!