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Frederik Ceyssens




Frederik Ceyssens

"Working on micro- and nanofabrication, sensors, and neural implants"




  • Neural implants, in particular visual prostheses





"Frederik first obtained a Master's degree in micro-electronics engineering. Afterwards he joined the group of prof. Puers at ESAT-MICAS (KU Leuven) as a research assistant, focusing on micromachining process development, polymer MEMS and microfluidics. After obtaining the PhD degree, he became research fellow of the FWO, which allowed him to focus on researching high resolution neural implants. Meanwhile, he was also instrumental in expanding the lab through attracting new collaborations and grants. From 2017 - summer 2020 he was research expert on micro- and nanofabrication technology at the newly founded KU Leuven Nanocentre. Currently, he is co-founder of Revision Implant, a start-up company developing a high resolution visual prosthesis. He is also a visiting researcher at the MNS group and at NERF (Neuroelectronics Flanders, Imec). Frederik is (co)author of over 100 papers that appeared in peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings."



  • F Ceyssens, R Puers, "Insulation lifetime improvement of polyimide thin film neural implants.", Journal of neural engineering 12 (5), 054001   2015

  • F Ceyssens, K van Kuyck, GV Velde, M Welkenhuysen, L Stappers, et al. "Resorbable scaffold based chronic neural electrode arrays", Biomedical microdevices 15 (3), 481-493 2013

  • F Ceyssens, MB Carmona, D Kil, M Deprez, E Tooten, B Nuttin, et al. "Chronic neural recording with probes of subcellular cross-section using 0.06 mm² dissolving microneedles as insertion device", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 284, 369-376 2019

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