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Stadius Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics

STADIUS is headed by Prof. Toon van Waterschoot
Academic Staff: Prof. Josep Balasch Masoliver , Prof. Alexander Bertrand , Prof. Jos De Brabanter , Prof. Lieven De Lathauwer , Prof. Bart De Moor , Prof. Maarten De Vos , Prof. Aritra Konar , Prof. Tjonnie Li , Prof. Marc Moonen , Prof. Yves Moreau , Prof. Panagiotis Patrinos , Prof. Rodolphe Sepulchre , Prof. Johan Suykens , Prof. Maria Torres Vega , Prof. Toon van Waterschoot , Prof. Bart Vanrumste and Prof. Mathias Verbeke

STADIUS Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing, and Data Analytics pursues excellence in an explicit and synergistic combination of fundamental and applied research:

With core concepts from linear and multi-linear algebra, statistics, optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the fundamental research is focused on the development of mathematical engineering tools and numerical algorithms.

Building upon this foundation, the applied research is geared towards putting these tools and algorithms into motion in order to advance the current state of technology across a wide range of relevant application fields, including industrial automation and control, speech and audio signal processing, digital communications, biomedical data analysis and signal processing, bioinformatics and systems biology.

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Two STADIUS Professors receive EURASIP Awards at EUSIPCO 2023

Sabine Van Huffel receives her awardAlexander Bertrand receives his award

04 October 2023

Sabine Van Huffel and Alexander Bertrand have received awards at the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) in Helsinki.

Sabine was awarded the Group Technical Award "for establishing one of the leading European research groups in biomedical signal processing".

Alexander was awarded the EURASIP Early Career Award "for contributions to signal processing for EEG, neuro-steered hearing prostheses, and neural implans"

The European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) is the flagship conference of EURASIP. It is recognised as one of the premier signal processing conferences, attracting delegates and papers from all over the world.

Frank Verstraete publishes a book about quantum physics

Frank Verstraete

09 September 2023

Frank Verstraete, former PhD researcher at ESAT and now top Professor in Quantum Information Theory believes that quantum physics is a fundamental part of our world, and that it has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, from energy production to medicine to warfare.

The book "Waarom niemand kwantum begrijpt en iedereen er toch iets over moet weten" (Why no one understands quantum physics, but everyone still needs to know something about it) by Frank Verstraete and Céline Broeckaert tells the story of quantum physics in a clear and engaging way.

The authors explain the basic concepts of quantum physics in a way that is accessible to a general audience. They also discuss the history of quantum physics and the impact it has had on our understanding of the world.

You can find the book here.

Bart De Moor becomes a member of Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea logo

01 June 2023

Bart De Moor was elected as a member of the prestigious Academia Europaea. The aim of the Academy of Europe is to promote European research, advise governments and international organisations in scientific matters, and further interdisciplinary and international research.

AAAI Innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence Award for Martijn Oldenhof

Martijn Oldenhof

14 February 2023

A paper of STADIUS researcher Martijn Oldenhof "Industry-Scale Orchestrated Federated Learning for Drug Discovery" was recognised by AAAI with the "Innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence Award". The paper was presented at the 35 Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-23 7-14 Feb '23) in Washington DC, USA.

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